Experience: 0-1 years

Level: Beginner

Total Positions: 1

Job Type: internship

Salary: Negotiable

Education: Bachelor Degree

Location: Lalitpur, Nepal

Apply Before: 2021-04-19

Other Specification
● At 1 year of demonstrable working experience
● Proficient in Ruby on Rails
● Must have a philosophical understanding of software development, deployment, and maintenance
● Must know the software development best practices, coding conventions, and design patterns.
● Must be able to design/develop RESTful web APIs
● Must understand the concept, philosophy, and importance of TDD
● Proficient understanding of databases including MongoDB, MySQL. Postgresql etc
● Very good understanding of Git and Linux operating system

Job Description
● Has a basic understanding of development best practices and comfortable writing code
● Uses and understands tools needed to debug and diagnose issues in a test and/or simple
production environment
● Understands the scope of medium features
● Has a basic understanding of all their product components
● Performs standard programming tasks
● Writes and executes test plans